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Hello. Have you had a break today? Why not choose a cup and…draw it?

Thank you for sending in your cups! The most recently received cups are at the top of the page. This site has been running for 77 days. Current cup count: 226! To see drawings of cups, click here.

This beauty belongs to Leaha Wheeler and she drew it here.
This is Michelle Gardiner’s 18th anniversary present and I drew it here.
This is teacher Michelle Gardiner’s favourite cup. I drew it here.
This cup belongs to Michelle Law and I drew it here.
This is librarian Jenn Martin’s cup and I drew it here.
This is Susan Wyndham’s favourite vessel for coffee. I drew it here.
This is my friend Nicholas Ng’s mug from Tokyo Starbucks (it says Tokyo Starbucks 2020 on the back). I drew it here.
This most hospitable cup belongs to Charlie Pickering. I drew it here.
I drew this Figgjo jug from Norway here.
Danielle Berry’s crocheted tea cups make me smile! I drew them here.
This is Jan Russell’s Mum’s tea cup. Jan uses it every year on her Mum’s birthday. I drew it here.
A cheerful cup from Emma Belfield’s collection. I drew it here.
Here’s a happy duo from my friend Amber’s collection, titled Japan Spain. I drew these cups here.
My friend Katherine Phelps has an impressive teacup collection and keeps educating me. This one is a Figgjo cup from Norway. I drew it here.
This Moomin cup lives in Nepal! I drew this cup here.
A Japanese stacking cup from the ’70s bought for 50 cents at a Salvos five years ago. I drew this cup here.
Georgia Moodie’s cup in London. I drew it here.
This is a cup from my friend Kelly Haines in Adelaide. “Unfortunately I don’t drink tea or coffee so I get to watch Dave drink out of it.”
A Chip mug from Catherine Langley.
My friend Gloria Lai’s cup from Shanghai.
From filmmaker Ana Tiwary: “Here is one I hold dear – it was gifted to me by an elderly potter when I visited my mum’s village a couple of years ago – I brought it all the way to Sydney and so happy that it didn’t break.” 
I drew this very lovable cup here.
Made by my friend Shakira Hussein’s niece. So cheerful! I drew it here.
From @wileyreasons: “I got this cup with a soy milk machine I bought for my mum (it has logo on other side). The cup was appropriated by my girlfriend (now wife), and cup now lives at her dad’s house in China. Her mum died last year, and it reminds me of her.”
From Anthony Joseph: “I don’t know if you saw the movie “Knives Out”, but the cup from that one seemed pretty iconic!”
Comedian Bonnie Davies performs as Famous Sharron. This is a cup her friend painted of Famous Sharron. I drew it here.
Annie White’s grandma’s china.
Julia Zemiro’s Danish cup. I drew it here.
Sar Ruddenklau’s ‘lil espresso cup.
My friend Anita Barraud: “So this is my special Milo cup made by Melbourne potter Kevin Boyd.”
“Exterminate!” says Madz B.
“Those two cups were given to me by a very dear friend from school for my 18th birthday, and she since passed away. I don’t drink that much tea so they’re actually my default whisky cups.” I drew the cups here.
From my friend Jess O’Callaghan: “This one I bought on the last night of my honeymoon this January at a hotel called The Scotsman that used to be the offices of the Edinburgh newspaper The Scotsman. The cup is from when they were a newspaper I think? I saw them advertised in the halls somewhere and we collect journalism mugs so I asked to buy one. They said that technically they were for sale but no one had ever asked to buy one before and it took a while to work how HOW to sell me one, but they did and I love it. All the words in the crossword are either newspaper-related or Scotland-related — it’s a very weird and specific cup.” I drew it here.
From my friend Jess O’Callaghan: “This one is a Moomin cup that I got from my boss and friend Kate Montague for Christmas one year. It’s my favourite to drink tea from as its slightly smaller than a normal cup and therefore the right size for tea.”
I drew this cup here.
This is Amanda Scotney’s cup. It’s a Royal Doulton one given to her by a dear friend for her 50th. I drew it here.
My Mum’s very creative effort, showing my brother’s cup in its preferred environment.
This cup belongs to writer CB Mako, whose work appears in Growing Up Disabled in Australia. “I love the detailed art of Manila’s public transport called jeepney!”
This cup is from Andrew Finegan. “I’m working from home in Canberra, and feeling a bit sad because one of my favourite live music events of the year (Canbeurovision) has been cancelled, but at least I have this cup to remind me that it will return…”
Kaz Cooke’s favourite cup.
Fran Tilley’s cup in Mexico and the story of why it had to be left behind.
Emma Thomson’s favourite cup is made by Ghost Wares (this is actually their photo). They’re a ceramics studio in Melbourne and all their pieces are made by hand.
This is @alexwasiel’s favourite cup. It’s from the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. If you’re considering drawing this, Alex suggests the Impressionist method…
My friend Amber Ma sent me this cup that she’s kept in a box for a year with the intention of repairing it using the Japanese art of kintsugi. Kintsugi is where broken pieces are rejoined together with gold lacquer. She challenged me to draw it, so I did.
Comedian Jen Carnovale bought these in Seoul. “I couldn’t decide between the two. I love them both equally.”
A cup from Italy sent by a friend from Cyprus.
This is a Molly Hatch cup that Shar Banning bought from Anthropologie. I drew it here.
Gorgeous base of Shar Banning’s Molly Hatch cup.
A cup shared on a mental health Facebook group. Here’s the drawing for it.
Favela Mundo is a non-government performing arts school in Rio de Janeiro.
This is Jane Hutcheon’s cup and she painted it here.
This is a cup from Finland and I drew it here.
Georgia Moodie drew her cup here!
This is one of Rachelle from California’s many teacups and saucers and she drew it here.
Bev Williams sent this cup with the note ‘First cup on ANZAC Day.’
This mug belongs to Don Wilkinson. “I am retired now but I used this cup at work for more than thirty five years, much to the disgust of my wife who hated it. Its appearance worked in my favour as no-one stole it from me in all that time!”
This is Sue Hurrell’s glass which she bought in Paris. Isn’t it a beautiful shade of blue? She drew it and captured all of the light so faithfully here.
Artist Ian Grant drew this cup here.
Ruth Howard drew this cup here.
Two cups not observing social distancing. I drew them here.
This cup belongs to Michelle Hsieh and she drew it here.
This cup belonged to Tim O’Regan’s Auntie Betty. It comes as a set of two and is basically one-of-a-kind: when the glaze didn’t work out as desired, only one set was made like this. I drew it here.
This is a second cup from Katherine Phelps’ Figgjo collection. I drew it here.
This cup belongs to my friend Colin Ho’s friend Hao Tran. It is the only square mug in the cupboard! And I drew it here.
This is a Minton china cup that is onto its third owner. I drew it here.
This gorgeous tea cup belongs to Barbara Masel’s Grandma Dorothy. It’s made by Clarice Cliff and I drew it here.
This cup belongs to Ali from Ali Bakes Cakes. She bought it for her partner Mike, a cat-lover. I drew it here.
This is Fiona Pepper’s favourite cup. I drew it here.
This is Kathy Trevelion’s very well-loved cup. It belonged to her Mother, and Kathy used to sneak it out to play solo tea parties and then sneak it back into the cupboard before her Mum got home from work. I drew it here.
This cup is how Rose Siva found out she was going to be a grandmother! I drew it here.
This cup belonged to Emma Belfield’s Granny Peg. My Mum drew it here.
This is Mary Dickinson’s daily cup and she painted it here. And I drew it here.
This cup has some of the finest, tiniest details of all the cups in The Cupboard. I drew it here.
I drew this cup here.
Meet Serena the Sloth! I drew her here.
Thanks to Sarah Lentern for this cup on this most gorgeous table.
From my friend Katherine Phelps’ collection of tea cups.
A fish being koi.
My friend Gloria Lai’s cup from Japan.
Melissa Cureton tweeted this to me: “Something sunny! Decided to enter the tweetosphere finally, with an optimistic contribution!”
A very appropriate cup tweeted to me by The Twitcher.
Elicia O’Reilly: “Gift from way back in the early 90s. Cheesy but I love it.”
My friend Josh Bird’s favourite Arabic Lipton Tea mug.
Marg Grey’s parents’ wedding present from 1952. I drew it here.
Watcha Sa-Nguansin’s favourite tea cup from southern Thailand.
Dave Wong: “Here is a Maneki neko cup that unfortunately has a loose handle but still makes a good pen holder.”
Hels Bels: “This is from a tea set that belonged to my Grandmother. Made in England.”
Kara Schlegl’s grandmother’s cup.
This cheerful cup belongs to Sam in Mudgee.
This Chinese lidded tea mug is from my friend Jocelyn Chey. “This one has an inscription on the reverse stating that it commemorates the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Australia and China (quite a mouthful in English but only seven characters in Chinese: 中澳建交三十年).” I drew it here.
A cup belonging to Pamela Hewitt. It’s from the ’80s. That’s Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas is perched on top of the handle. I drew it here.
From my friend Pamela Hewitt: “This is a cup I bought near the Kiyomizu Temple just outside Kyoto. It is Kiyomizu glaze. I love it.”
This cup belongs to Melani Neilson.
This very elegant J cup belongs to Jane Hutcheon, who got one for her and one for me! I love it and use it all the time for tea and coffee.
I drew Madeline White’s cup here.
I drew this here.
Jackie Liddle’s mugs after a busy week of homeschooling.
Jackie Liddle’s mugs after a busy week of homeschooling.
I drew this cup here.
Sent from dear friends who are coming home to Sydney from Wyoming.
My friend Nick Kemsley sent me this cup with the message “For your sanity.”
This cup is made by Andrea Ho. Check out her drawing here.
Leonie Jordan’s ‘sheltering in place’ in LA. Take a look at her beautiful watercolour painting of this cup.
This cup belongs to my family and my Mum – who just started art lessons – had a go at drawing it.
A cup shared from a mental health Facbeook page. First cup received where the market value of the cup is made known!
Josie Young drinks peppermint or camomile tea from this cup every night. It’s a gift from her Aunt Kylie, and I drew it here. Read about Josie and Kylie here.
A cup of tea from Myanmar.
A cup from Italy sent by a friend from Cyprus. I drew it here.
“This mid-century modernist teacup was made by Syracuse China, a company that opened in 1871 and is now defunct. It specialised in restaurant wares,” says Katherine Phelps. My Dad drew it here.
“S’morey Time”, a cup from Bones Coffee Co in Florida. Sent by Shar Bannning on Twitter.
“Mr. Twiggs, a thrift store find!” Thanks Shar Banning!
A cup that a friend from Strasbourg bought at Tokyo’s National Museum of Modern Art. His husband has a smaller version of the same cup but unfortunately they can’t take a photo of that cup because he is working from home these days. Here’s a drawing of the cup.
“I kept the sun in, as we don’t have it that often,” says Jill Caskey from Belfast. The cups says, “The Mountains are calling and I must go.”

Stephanie McCallum’s sister made this cup. I love its jaunty handle.
I drew this cup here.
I drew this ‘most treasured space-age milk glass’ here.
I drew this here.
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