Michelle Gardiner’s 18th Anniversary Present From Her Husband

It’s the first page of the last notebook I have! On it is Michelle Gardiner’s cup that she received from her husband for their 18th anniversary…

“She comes to me courtesy of an antiques shop in the Southern Highlands so she definitely “had a life” before she met me…I like to think it’s a Jane Austen-esque one of civility, manners and long afternoon teas in shaded, manicured gardens! My husband picked her out because of the pretty, feminine pattern and energy she exudes – he thought I may need a little of that from time to time given that I live with five males!”

Michelle also owns this fantastic cup with an intricate Japanese design.

Rachelle from California’s Drawing of Her Cheerful Teacup

It was a delight to receive this email from Rachelle…and what a lovely way to sign-off an email!

Hello from California!

I love your website and it’s giving me the permission that I’ve always wanted to – just draw cups!

I have inherited many generations of teacup collections and treasure each unique one. This one, although not the fanciest, is always dear to my heart. Simple and sweet.

Wishing you happy teatimes and peaceful paintings,

Leaha Wheeler’s Joyful Drawing of Her Mikasa Teacup and Saucer

I adore the exuberance of these colours! Here are the words that accompanied Leaha’s drawing:

“My cup and saucer is part of a Mikasa dinner set that was gifted to me by my Mum when my first son was born 29 years ago. It was very expensive at the time and I was very surprised and so thrilled to receive it. The pattern is called Rosemead and I just love the roses (I REALLY love all rose-patterned china) but I was really attracted to the little bunches of purple grapes. I still love this set today!”

Sue Hurrell Drew Her Cup From Paris

“My tea cup is a beautiful blue glass from the French tea house Mariage Freres. Two things make it special for me – memories of spending time in Paris with my daughter just pleasing ourselves for a couple of weeks including indulging in tea at both Mariage and Damman Freres. Plus I have a terrible weakness for palettes of colour – pens, pencils, threads. My tea cup is not only a beautiful shape for your hand but it also came in a set of six different colours and I love them all.”

Ruth Howard and Ian Grant’s Cups and Drawings (Done Over Zoom!)

This morning I received the loveliest email from Ruth Howard. She’s kindly given permission for me to share it here:

Dear Jennifer,

What a delight to be able to share this experience! Last night my husband Ian and I sat down with our niece, Leanne Serra, on Zoom and drew cups!

We went to bed with smiles on our faces and in our hearts.

These cups, from my collection of afternoon tea cups, are two of my favourite Vinnie’s finds: The green cup is a Heathcote China cup from England and the other is from Krautheim Selb Bavaria.


This is the cup that Ruth drew.
And this is the cup that Ruth’s husband, artist Ian Grant, drew.

Susan Wyndham’s Favourite Vessel for Coffee (Originally From Portugal)

I’ve been wanting to share this cup for ages but didn’t have the right blue pen until today.

In 2016, Susan Wyndham wrote a beautiful essay for Good Weekend magazine about this very cup. I remember reading it at the time and feeling happy for the cup and the owner’s lives well-lived.

So when Susan sent me a tweet with her cup and a link to the article two weeks ago, I was so happy to have the chance to revisit the piece, especially now that travel feels like such a distant memory. I’ll say no more…enjoy the essay!

Artist Kathy Bierma’s Beautiful Watercolour of Her Cup

I’ve discovered so many interesting and talented people on Instagram (are you on Instagram? I’m @wejustdrawcups). One of them is artist Kathy Bierma from Perth, who not only painted a teacup for #WeJustDrawCups, but filmed a timelapse video of the process!

Click on the right arrow on the photo below to watch how Kathy skilfully applies the shadows first before anything else…