Teacher Michelle Gardiner’s Favourite Cup

Michelle writes:

“I thought I would share my fave cup with you. It was given to me as a Christmas present, by a lovely teaching colleague of mine, about seven years ago.

Teachers often receive coffee cups as gifts but this one was a notch above – truly sophisticated, made in China and of fine bone china (courtesy of David Jones, no less!) For almost two years, I kept it in its box… preserving its elegance – not wanting to use it and perhaps run the risk of destroying the loveliness of its gilded rim, design and handle.

I’d occasionally take it out to admire but would then replace in its identically-patterned box and put it back in the storage cupboard. I then read somewhere about the joy that comes with using beautiful (previously ‘kept for best’) things on a daily basis.

When I accidentally broke my ‘old faithful’ at school just a few days later, I decided it was the universe sending me a sign that it was time for my hidden treasure to shine! I have used it every day at work ever since. It’s true, tea sipped from fine bone China truly does taste better.

Colleagues have often commented on the loveliness of my cup – so I thought it may be a suitable subject for your artwork. Although not as bright and shiny as it once was, it still retains a certain dignity!

When I knew that our school would be moving to remote learning, I made sure that I brought my beautiful cup home with me. As part of keeping a regular routine, I still drink my “work tea” from here. Although at home, as product of COVID-19, it gets far more use than it ever did before…and there are no more half-consumed brews as I’m now allowed to drink “in class”. (No potential WHS hazards with students and hot drinks!)”

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