A Cup from Tokyo That Now Calls Strasbourg Home

Victor Galicia Pérez is originally from Venezuela and we met at summer school in 2013. He lives in Strasbourg, east of France. I asked him to tell me a bit about what life was like for him these days.

He writes:

“Right now I’m working for Merck, at the commercial service, so pretty much working to make sure the pharma industry gets their raw materials. I particularly work with our Spanish customers so you can imagine with the Covid-19 we have a lot of work.

The epidemic has had an impact in our daily lives too. Both my husband and I work from home. Not everyone can do that but luckily both our jobs can be done from home so we stay in as much as we can. We only go out to get groceries, even if I’m dying to go out and enjoy the sunny days, but the window does the job.

We try to Skype our friends regularly to cheer up, to stay in touch with our families and loved ones over the phone, that’s how we do. Too bad I’m not a reader because I would be eating up books right now. Instead I watch old films, that’s more my thing. And when I say old, I’m talking about the ’90s (from when I was a kid lol).

About the cup, my husband Stéphane bought it at Tokyo’s National Museum of Modern Art, and he has a smaller version that he keeps at his office. It’s mega cute. [Unfortunately no photo is possible because everyone is working from home now.]

It has been very bad here. Some people are skeptical, some people are still reluctant to stay home even if Italy is right next to France…but at some point I believe people will understand. What is going on is undeniable.”

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