A Cup That Had to Be Left Behind

If you zoom in you can see the cup on top of the milk crate.

To my surprise, an email arrived today from Mexico.

Fran Tilley writes:

“I am so sad that I didn’t find your site yesterday. I am a world traveller, four years wandering so far, but currently returning to Oz for some quality quarantine time. The last ten months I have been road tripping around the USA and México.

Before heading off, my husband and I thrift shopped for a few essentials. We found a Bialetti coffee maker and a fine bone china tea cup, just plain white with a gold line around middle. Perfect for my cups of coffee, tea and chai that keep me happy on the road.

So part of the camping routine has been to brew up the billy or the Bialetti, from the beach to the high mountains. While the tea cup suffered some damage along the way (the handle cracked but was kept in service by the application of gaffer tape) its time had come.

Yesterday in preparation for our retreat we discarded everything above our weight level and the cup now rests in a Nuevo Laredo rubbish bin. Sadly, I didn’t photograph it in all its glory for your wonderful site, but I did manage to find a photo with it as a supporting actor. May I present, “Breakfast With a View” from La Manga Dos on the Sonora Coast of Mexico. And that’s a pelican flying by.”


Got cups? Want to share? Feel free to:

  1. Send photos of your cups as inspiration for others
  2. Send drawings of your cups
  3. Write descriptions – I love words!

Email laugh@jenniferwong.com.au

Your photos, drawings, and words will be shared on this website with delight.

Copyright, of course, belongs to you.

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