A Cup for Quarantining in LA

Today I received this beautiful watercolour from Leonie Jordan.

She writes:

“My grandmother got me a set of watercolours recently, and I thought I’d try to do a picture a day while I’m quarantining. (I’m in LA where we’re all meant to be ‘sheltering in place’). After I saw your blog, the obvious thing was to paint my teacup. 

Every Sunday morning my husband and I go for a walk then have a latte in a cafe while we plan the upcoming week. We usually go to a community cafe at the local Catholic church. It overlooks our favourite park and we like to watch all the comings and goings as we sip our coffee and plan. Kids play basketball and yell insults at each other, lean-torsoed crossfit guys hang bat-like from their feet on chin-up bars, homeless men recline blissfully in the sun, dogs streak joyously across the grass in pursuit of squirrels far too nimble for them. It’s one of the highlights of our week and the only time my husband ever drinks coffee. 

This week we had to have our coffee at home instead – thin black plunger coffee instead of our usual frothy lattes. These are the cups we drank it from. They’re part of a set of six we bought when we first moved in together and they usually only come out when we have visitors. (I drew my cup later on when I was drinking tea, hence the teabag.)”


Got cups? Want to share? Feel free to:

  1. Send photos of your cups as inspiration for others
  2. Send drawings of your cups
  3. Write descriptions – I love words!

Email laugh@jenniferwong.com.au

Your photos, drawings, and words will be shared on this website with delight.

Copyright, of course, belongs to you.

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