A Cup Stolen from the Local Pub

The empty cup and the glass half full. This was sent by Adam Pigott, who says the cup is the subject of a ‘long-running playful turf war’ between him and his partner.

Adam writes:

“When she was temporarily staying with me she ‘liberated’ (stole) four of these cups from the local pub. Coral is her favourite colour and the pub wasn’t appreciating them properly. 

Anyway, she gave them to my share house as a gift because we didn’t have any cups that were as nice as these coral ones. Since that time she has decided to live elsewhere.

The cups have oscillated between her and my place ever since. Two have been lost (unless she’s hiding them from me). It’s become a bit of a game and when we manage to steal a cup from the other’s house we send a photo to each other.”

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