Kati Clarke's Favourite Cornishware Cup by Kati Clarke

Everyday things like cups say a lot about our daily rituals…

Kati Clarke writes: “This Cornishware cup was a Christmas present from my husband and I like it because it holds massive amount of much needed caffeine.

He’s been making my coffee every single day since we met, it’s a daily ritual I don’t take for granted.

We get our beans from a local supplier and only use stove-top Bialetti coffee makers. It mean our entire house smells of delicious coffee beans everyone morning.”

Kati was one of the first people to share a bit about her life when she sent in her cup. So I thought I’d ring her and ask her more about the man behind her lovely daily coffee routine, and how she was going with self-isolation.

Kati and her husband Roger met on Tinder seven years ago when they were ‘later in life’; she was 40 and he was 48. As well as being a loving maker of coffee, Roger is a full-time artist. “He went back to his original trade and passion only after his injured back and couldn’t continue with his small business.”

Both of them are very used to working from home (Kati is a marketing manager for a non-profit organisation) so while they haven’t had to adapt that much to this new climate, it’s still sometimes difficult. “Frustrations do come up…fighting the boredom is the biggest challenge. It’s not like you can go for a coffee. But we’re coping, we’re fine, we’re very lucky. I’m still going for a walk every day and I realise a lot of people can’t do that.”

Kati’s tips for working from home:

  • Get dressed. “For the sake of your mental health, get dressed.”
  • Stick to a routine
  • Awaken your senses. “I burn oil and use a diffuser, but you can use incense. Sometimes I bake a cake. It’s just about keeping your senses going.”
  • Be aware of how you spend your time online. “Treat the internet like a magazine: only read what you want, and mute the rest.”


Got cups? Want to share? Feel free to:

  1. Send photos of your cups as inspiration for others
  2. Send drawings of your cups
  3. Write descriptions – I love words!

Email laugh@jenniferwong.com.au

Your photos, drawings, and words will be shared on this website with delight.

Copyright, of course, belongs to you.

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