A Cup Made by Josie Young's Aunt Kylie

Josie Young was one of the first people on Twitter to send a cup, and she was also the first person I wanted to speak to.

I wanted to find out why a picture of a cup made Josie cry, so I messaged her on Twitter to ask if I could call her.

When we spoke, the first thing I asked Josie was if she could tell me about her aunt.

“My aunt was very close to my heart. She was my mum’s sister and we were very close. Unfortunately she passed away two or three years ago.” Josie’s not sure if it was two or three years ago.

When someone you love passes away, time doesn’t exist.”

Her Aunt Kylie was only 45. “She had many chronic illnesses and we lost her way too early.”

“She was sick for a long time…by the time it got close to the end, we were all lucky enough to spend her last days with her in hospice.”

“On her deathbed, she was in and out of consciousness. She’d just wake up and have these funny conversations with us. Once, she said, ‘I wish I wasn’t dying. I wish I was just hanging out with you all.’ Then we all drank butterscotch schnapps. She loved butterscotch.”

“One of her many great talents was pottery,” said Josie. The cup in the photo also came with a matching bowl (which Josie still uses: ‘my little snack bowl’), and her brothers also each have their own set.

Josie uses the cup for coffee. “Just black coffee. Obviously, it wasn’t for black coffee when I was a child. When I was a child it was for juice or water or milk.” She’s particular about cups. “I have a mug just for green tea, and a mug just for English breakfast tea. I have another mug that I drink out of every night before bed.”

The cup that Josie uses to drink peppermint or camomile tea from every night before bed, which also has a connection to her Aunt Kylie.

The night-time cup is also from Kylie. Kylie didn’t make it, but when Josie was 16 she went to stay with her for a week in Queensland. “This yellow mug was the one I drank out of the whole week I was there. Kylie knew I liked it, and when I got home and was unpacking, I found she’d snuck it into my bag.”

“You have to know that I’m not usually a crier, but seeing the drawing…also I got teary at the situation of the world at the moment.”

Josie is a designer and usually works in an office with four others in a design studio in Sydney. As of this week, they’re all working from home as a bit of a precaution.

“A lot of our clients are in the arts, and it’s been heartbreaking. We’re taking each day as it comes because we have no idea what we’re expecting.”

I asked Josie what she was finding helpful at the moment as someone who was new to working from home. Here’s what she said:

  • Make food for lunch to make yourself step away from the computer. Also, sit away from your desk to eat.
  • Go for socially distant walks.
  • Keep normal working hours.
  • Stick to a routine.

“No surprises that someone who has a cup for each different drink likes routine,”said Josie.


Got cups? Want to share? Feel free to:

  1. Send photos of your cups as inspiration for others
  2. Send drawings of your cups
  3. Write descriptions – I love words!

Email laugh@jenniferwong.com.au

Your photos, drawings, and words will be shared on this website with delight.

Copyright, of course, belongs to you.

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