“May We All Raise Our Cups of Cheer…”

Hello! This week I received a lovely email from Ani Tenzin:

Hope you enjoy my offering of a drawing of my fine Tibetan ceramic cup bought in Mcleod Ganj India…very bright  yellow & beautifully ornamented with the 8 auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism that represent all that is good….perfect for my morning turmeric, honey, ginger & lime hot drink…& a great boost to the immune system & also  for strengthening mental health & wellbeing….Like drinking in the healing rays of goodness & sunshine!

May we all raise our cups of cheer in unity to drive away the darkness.

May all stay well & happy.

Prayers to all,

Ani Tenzin

Something a Little Different: A Piece on ABC Radio National’s Corona Tales

“It’s a few days into working from home when I start talking to the kettle. ‘Thank you,’ I say when the water finishes boiling…” 

Here’s something I wrote and recorded for ABC Radio National’s Corona Tales, with the wisdom and hearts of Sophie Townsend and Fiona Pepper’s production.

Click here to listen. Oh, and here’s Fiona Pepper’s favourite cup, which I drew a few weeks ago.

Absolutely Gorgeous Cups Drawn by Warrumbungle Goose Chasers

The Nolan Gaggle team’s amazing drawings.

Hello! Are you ready for something that’s just very lovely? It’s kids drawing cups!

Vivian Evans from Dark Sky Innovations has been working with Warrumbungle Shire Council in NSW to keep families entertained at home since so many events have shut down because of coronavirus.

The program is called the Warrumbungle Goose Chase.

Here’s Vivian explaining how it works: “Participants join up as a team, download the Goose Chase App, join into the game and receive new  Fun Family Fun ‘missions’ (challenges) each day. The fun thing is participants score points for each mission they complete…by snapping or videoing their completed mission and they see the entries of all the other players which can often give us a giggle or a gasp of naaaaw.”

As you can see below, there’s plenty to make you go naaaaw!

This drawing from the Macaquinhos team is just too cute!
The Swannies team captured the “Golf Nut” beautifully.
The Jedi team showing plenty of force (and heart!) in this drawing.
The Spungoes team with an adorable drawing and equally adorable message.

Thank you so much to Vivian for sharing the wonderful creativity from Warrumbungle Shire! And thank you to all the Goose Chasers for their joyful work!

A Surprise From 65 Years Ago

Very cute cup story from @helsrix: “The rose cup is from a tea set that my Grandpa gave my Grandmother about 65 years ago. The gift was supposed to be a secret until my mother, about five at the time, was drying up for my Grandmother and while drying a cup commented that “Daddy has just bought you lots and lots of these“ and ruined the surprise.”

A Minton China Cup That’s Onto Its Third Owner

This cup belonged to Judith Carter in Brisbane, who wrote, “This is a Minton China set. My mother passed it on to me. I kept it for some years and recently gave the entire set including a teapot and sugar bowl to a young cousin of mine. She happens to be an excellent cook and has many tea parties. She is very fond of it.”